They trust us

We are regularly featured by GQ.

"It’s not often that the watch market under 500 gets a truly unique and worthwhile addition. If you are ready for something that stands out, DRACO is the way to go. And with their in-house innovations, such as their "transformé" dial that is sensitive to light, this watch is certain to be a conversation piece. The best part? The price-tag."

- British GQ, July Issue

"DRACO managed to create a luxury sportswatch for a fraction of the price."

- British GQ, June Issue

"Bringing an original design, they hand-assemble all their products."

- British GQ, May Issue

Most Durable Luxury Watch


We use the same suppliers as many big brands, such as established swiss made watch brands or big household names from the luxury industry for our leather goods. As mentioned in our story, we have created this brand from a frustration with the current marketplace offering, where we end up paying high amounts of money for a product that is at best average. So what is the difference between us and them?

Direct to consumer

To put it simply, we use a different business model. While traditional brands use a model that changes several hands and ends up with a price tag unnecessarily marked up several times over the actual cost, we as an independent brand, work with a direct-to-consumer model, in other words there are no intermediaries involved. So not only are we able to get rid of unnecessary mark-ups and provide a competitive offer, but we also control every part of the product experience, to make sure only the best reaches our customers.