Welcome to DRACO.

Steeped in the rich history of myth and legend, DRACO brings you an ultra-luxe experience that is set to change the face of the premium product market with exceptional quality pieces at the most competitive price points.

Based in the global metropolis of London, UK, we’ve made our range of luxury items accessible to all who seek an elevated brand experience. Envisioning exponential growth and rapid expansion into the exclusive sportswear arena, we’re on a bold mission to build a global name that resonates with our clientele, adds tangible value to your life and allows freedom of self-expression. DRACO pieces are inspired by the joy found in between milestone moments, the liminal space between past, future and present, where time is suspended and stretched into whatever you make it. We stand for seizing the moment, breaking free from societal constructs that limit what we’re capable of achieving and the passionate pursuit of adventure.

Of Legends

Founded out of a dissatisfaction with the current offering on the market, DRACO offers a range of superior-quality products that are the epitome of where form and functionality meet. With a focus on creating innovative timepieces and accessories that are as robust as they are versatile, each piece is meticulously handcrafted, incorporating state-of-the-art features and trend-setting aesthetics into every design. Our offering celebrates the meeting point between the timeless craftsmanship of old and the endless possibility that the future holds.

Our name is representative of the foundational underpinnings of our brand and draws inspiration from the Latin word Draco, which, translated into English, means Dragon. With the dragon icon conjuring up images of immortality and the mastering of time, it becomes the most fitting symbol for our brand, with our flagship product being the ever-enduring timepiece. Designing our logo to reference an ancient Chinese legend, we’ve set out to allow all of our customers to claim ‘emperor’ status by investing in our one-of-a-kind products as well as in the DRACO brand experience.

Transcending Time

Above all else, we value connection with our customers in order to build a statement product offering that genuinely speaks to the people who invest in it. We’re steadfastly committed to the belief that you deserve more than just another watch brand, keeping our finger on the pulse of industry developments and continuously attempting to adapt and evolve to changing trends and requirements. We take daring strides when crafting completely original products and go where others refuse to go in order to provide an affordable luxury range that no one else can.


Channelling the spirit of the Dragon, DRACO champions a powerful message that you are the one true master of your time and once this is accepted, all that is left to do is to step out of your comfort zone and grab hold of a brand new adventure.